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 Siglent SPD3303C Separate control and independent triple outputs: 30V/3A*2, 2.5V/3.3V/5V/3A*1, total 195W power PRICE INCLUDES VAT & SHIPPING. images


Siglent SPD3303C Separate control and independent triple outputs: 30V/3A*2, 2.5V/3.3V/5V/3A*1, total 195W power PRICE INCLUDES VAT & SHIPPING.

SKU: Siglent SPD3303C stock

Old price (taxes included): ZAR6,871.25 10% discount

New price (taxes not included): ZAR5,377.39

New price (taxes included): ZAR6,184.00

Limited stock

The price includes the tax 15%, Shipping costs to locations outside the Republic of South Africa to be confirmed before ordering.

Product Overview

The SPD3303C is a LED display screen programmable linear DC power supply that is both lightweight and feature-packed. It has three independent outputs: two sets of adjustable voltage and a fixed set of selectable voltages; 2.5V, 3.3V, and 5V. In addition, the ‘3303C has outputs that are short-circuit and overload protected. Total power is 220W. It has three available operation modes; independent, series and parallel modes. The SPD3300C has a high performance-to-price ratio and can be used in various types of production, education and research environments.

Key Features

◆ 3 independent high precision outputs:30V/3.2A*2, 2.5V/ 3.3V/ & 5V/ 3.2A*1, total 220W power

◆ 4 digits voltage and 3 digits current display, min resolution: 10mV, 10mA

◆ Three output modes: independent, series and parallel

◆ 100V/120V/220V/230V compatible design, to meet the needs of various power grids

◆ Smart temperature controlled fan, effectively reduces the noise

◆ Save/Recall 5 group system set-ups, supports data storage expansion

◆ Connected to PC via USB Device, support SCPI command, to meet the control and communication needs

Design Features

The SPD3303C exhibits high resolution, 10 mV / 10 mA, providing the user with excellent settability and read back accuracy. In addition, it maintains its ability to change output voltage or current in small increments while fully meeting the power requirements of the load.

Panel timing output functions

Five output timing profiles are settable via the SDP3300’s front panel. Each profile is independent of the others and allows settable voltage and current values. The timer function allows for continuous output with profiles as long as 10,000 seconds / profile. In addition to easy front-panel control, the SPD3300 power supplies come with SIGLENT’s EASYPOWER PC software

Save/ Recall interface

The SPD3000C programmable linear DC power supply provides five groups of local storage system parameters and has support for external memory expansion. With this feature the local or external memory can be stored, recalled ,or deleted, making it easy to return to your desired settings.

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Product details

Category: Bargain Bin

Manufacturer: Siglent

Product code - SKU: Siglent SPD3303C stock

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