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Price Over R30,000.00

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Performance you need at a price you can afford. The TDS2000C...
R27,800.00 (taxes not included)
R31,970.00 (taxes included)
CableIQ Qualification Tester Copper qualification tester...
R27,850.43 (taxes not included)
R32,028.00 (taxes included)
Over 11 cubic feet of storage space Four extra-deep base-to-lid locking...
R32,393.04 (taxes not included)
R37,252.00 (taxes included)
3SKB-5260 LCD monitor hard case. The interior of this large...
R35,154.39 (taxes not included)
R40,427.55 (taxes included)
Features: Qualifies - Sees if your existing cabling has the...
R37,500.00 (taxes not included)
R43,125.00 (taxes included)
Key features Record power and associated parameters for up to 45...
R45,000.00 (taxes not included)
R51,750.00 (taxes included)
Performance you need at a price you can afford. The TDS2000C...
R48,238.60 (taxes not included)
R55,474.39 (taxes included)
Tektronix RSA306 USB Real Time Spectrum Analyzer 9 kHz to...
R55,500.00 (taxes not included)
R63,825.00 (taxes included)
The RSA306B offers full-featured spectrum analysis and deep signal...
R59,840.00 (taxes not included)
R68,816.00 (taxes included)
Feature-rich Tools for Debugging Mixed Signal Designs Offering 200...
R73,830.70 (taxes not included)
R84,905.31 (taxes included)
The TSG4106A RF Vector Signal Generator offers mid-range performance and...
R154,500.00 (taxes not included)
R177,675.00 (taxes included)
The RSA507A from Tektronix is a RSA500A series portable spectrum analyzer....
R194,630.00 (taxes not included)
R223,824.50 (taxes included)
The RSA607A from Tektronix is a RSA600A series portable spectrum analyzer....
R204,820.00 (taxes not included)
R235,543.00 (taxes included)


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Thank you people at Measureshop for the efficient way you treat your customers. The delivery to Namibia was perfect....


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