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Price Over ZAR30,000.00

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Pelican 0500 transport case. Can be inverted and used as a pallet...
ZAR26,239.13 (taxes not included)
ZAR30,175.00 (taxes included)
Siglent SHS1102 handheld digital oscilloscope with built in precision...
ZAR27,300.00 (taxes not included)
ZAR31,395.00 (taxes included)
Over 11 cubic feet of storage space Four extra-deep base-to-lid locking...
ZAR35,633.04 (taxes not included)
ZAR40,978.00 (taxes included)
SH-362S, SignalHawk™ - 2-Port, Vector Network Analyzer & Spectrum Analyzer...
ZAR39,130.43 (taxes not included)
ZAR45,000.00 (taxes included)